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5 Great Vegetable Garden Enclosure Ideas

Vegetable Garden Enclosure Ideas

Vegetable garden enclosure ideas can overwhelm you if you decided to look at every idea out there.

But we are not going to do that in this article. Instead, we’ll give you a handful of ideas for enclosing a vegetable garden and my tip is, just choose one and “run with it!”

So what exactly is a vegetable garden enclosure? A vegetable garden enclosure is a small, self-contained area that surrounds and protects the plants in your garden.

The purpose of a vegetable garden enclosure is to protect your plants from hungry animals, and to keep your vegetables safe from insects and diseases.

Living and growing up on a farm, my parent’s vegetable gardens were always under threat from something. The weather, critters and yes, even people who had no business being on our property helping themselves to the produce.

Vegetable garden enclosures can be made out of any material that you have on hand.

There are many ways to build a garden enclosure for your vegetable garden. It all depends on the size of your plot and what you want to do with it. Here are some quick ideas for enclosures that you can start implementing right away:

– A fence made out of wood or metal.

– You can also use concrete blocks or bricks if you want a more permanent structure that will last longer in the weather over time.

– A wire fence is another option if you want something more temporary and easy to take down when not in use.

– An old window frame with chicken wire attached to it works well as an enclosure too!

Remember, fancy is not always better. Keep it simple.

More Vegetable Garden Enclosure Ideas

garden enclosure fence
A garden enclosure doesn’t have to look fancy right?

Okay, let’s look at vegetable garden enclosure ideas in a little more depth. As I said above, choose one and stick with it. This doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. It just needs to protect your produce. So, here are 5 vegetable garden enclosure ideas.

1) Use a Chicken Wire Fence

Chicken wire is very inexpensive and lightweight. It comes in rolls which make it super simple to cut into whatever shape you need.

You can use chicken wire to create a simple fence around your entire vegetable garden or you could choose to build a single row of chicken wire along a part of your garden.

2) Build a Wooden Fence

A wooden fence is great because it looks nice and adds height to your vegetable garden. Plus it will provide shelter from strong winds and rain.

3) Make a Concrete Block Wall

Concrete block walls are extremely durable and they work really well as vegetable garden enclosures. They come in different sizes so you can easily customize them to fit your space. But they can be expensive.

4) Put Up a Window Frame

A window frame is a great way to add privacy to your vegetable garden. If you don’t like how big the frame is then you can buy smaller ones. This is a “poor man’s” version of a greenhouse.

5) Create a Simple Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a long term solution to protecting your vegetables from pests, bugs and disease then consider building a greenhouse. This is definitely a project that requires planning and attention to detail.

Best Vegetable Garden Enclosure Idea?

greenhouse vegetable garden enclosure
A greenhouse is the ideal solution for a vegetable garden enclosure

Okay, what’s my best idea for a vegetable garden enclosure.

When I showed this list to several gardeners in my circle, they really couldn’t add much more to the list. You see, these are the main foundation ideas for enclosures.

What most savvy gardeners do is they’ll take what they already have available and just adapt it to their garden perimeter.

Sometimes it’s shaky, most times it’s sturdy. It depends what their trying to protect their garden from.

It might be the family dog or it might be a wild animal such as a deer. Or they may be in a windy area and they simply want to protect their garden from being blown about.

In many areas around the world, gully winds can play havoc. These are evening or night winds and protecting delicate produce if they are present in your area is important. Gully winds can be very powerful in some locations.

Of the vegetable garden enclosure ideas I’ve listed above, obviously the best is the greenhouse. Can you build or create a simple greenhouse. Yes you can.

And why wouldn’t you? A greenhouse protects your plants from heat, cold, moisture, insects and disease. It also allows you to grow plants year round. 

So, if you are a serious gardener intending to provide the bulk of your vegetables through your own garden, and if you live where snow falls regularly, you should think of investing in a greenhouse. Actually, if you’re a serious gardener and live in a mild climate a greenhouse is still a great idea.

Conclusion – Creating The Perfect Enclosure For Your Home

Bamboo fence
Bamboo is an effective material for a garden enclosure

I want to close this article by saying that don’t stress too much about how your enclosure is going to look.

Appearance should be the least of your concerns. But I will say the best way to create a vegetable garden enclosure for your home is to make sure that it is properly planned and has the right size.

The size of the enclosure should be determined by the number of vegetables being grown, the amount of space available, and how much time can be devoted to caring for them.

A greenhouse sounds like a bit of a reach for most reading this article. If you want to keep it as simple as possible, plain old chicken wire is a great choice.

I don’t know what your building skills are but it doesn’t take a lot of skill to put up a vegetable garden enclosure using chicken wire.

Create a plan, source the materials you need which will include chicken wire and several posts and put up your enclosure.

A vegetable garden enclosure is the best way to keep your garden safe from animals and pests. The enclosure will also protect your plants from extreme weather conditions and provide a space for you to work in.

If you have any ideas or would like to share what worked for you as an enclosure for your garden, feel free to share in the comments below.


Vegetable Garden Enclosure Ideas
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