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5 Grow Your Own Tomato Kit Choices Perfect For Indoors

Grow Your Own Tomato Kit

A grow your own tomato kit is the perfect way to provide delicious and juicy tomatoes year round.

In this article, I’ve listed five indoor tomato kits that will get you off to a great start in producing your own produce.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what a tomato is. Just for the record, it’s a fruit but experts like nutritionists will tell you it’s a vegetable. We’ll save that article for another day.

I’ve grown up around tomatoes all my life. As the son of immigrant Italians, tomatoes have always been a huge part of my diet.

The yearly sauce production was always fun and messy, and it supplied us year round with delicious pasta sauce.

But as an Italian, there were numerous other uses for tomatoes.

Bruschetta, pizzas, pasta, caprese, salads, antipasto…the uses are endless. But in our family, it was making sure we produced enough pasta sauce, not just for our own use, but to share with neighbors, friends and relatives.

We harvested our crop during late summer/early fall, and grew several, different types of tomatoes.

From Roma tomatoes to cherry, we had what we required every year.

So how does this help you grow your own tomatoes?

I am well aware that most people don’t have the land available to grow their own tomatoes. That’s okay, we  are now well into the twenty first century and there are options.

A grow your own tomato kit is “just the ticket” if you don’t have available space around your home. They are perfect for apartment or townhome living. And when you become proficient at using them, you’ll eventually use more than one kit.

Our Top Grow Your Own Tomato Kit Choices

I’ve listed five grow your own tomato kit combinations in this article but could easily have listed another ten.

The truth is, with online shopping the new normal now, going to a shopping space like Amazon and buying your indoor vegetable growing kit is a cinch.

So with that said, here are five tomato growing kits that will suit anyone with a lack of outdoor space.

Back To The Roots Organic Cherry Tomato Kit

This is so simple it’s almost too hard to believe. The Back To Roots Organic Cherry Tomato Kit is perfect for indoor gardeners.

I wanted to start with a cherry tomato product because they are extremely popular yet inexpensive. That I can never understand.

Once you get this “bad boy” producing your own cherry tomatoes, you’ll make a great saving on your weekly grocery bill.

This kit provides 100% organic and non GMO cherry tomatoes.

You can use it year round and has everything you need to get started.

All you need is a window that receives sunlight for several hours a day and you’re all set!

Indoor Salsa Garden Starter Kit

The Indoor Salsa Garden Starter Kit is not just a grow your own tomato kit choice. You can grow other vegetables with this setup. But for the purposes of this guide, let’s stick with tomatoes.

Once you have your first crop ready to harvest, then you should consider purchasing another kit or two for other produce.

Canvassing the many users of this indoor tomato growing kit, the biggest plus is that it’s so easy to set up.

Many people recommend it as a way to get the kids involved in something productive.

More importantly, you won’t have to worry about producing anything harmful. This kit is certified USDA organic.

Once again, if you have an area such as a window sill that receives regular sunshine, then this will produce regular tomatoes for you.

Nature’s Blossom Tomato Garden Kit – The Perfect Grow Your Own Tomato Kit Choice For Indoors

The Nature’s Blossom Tomato Garden Kit is the perfect indoor tomato growing kit. I don’t have this list in any particular order but if I was numbering it from one to five, this would probably get top billing.

It has many benefits. You can grow up to four variety of tomatoes. It comes with a seed starter kit to get you up and running. The seeds are certified 100% non GMO and once again, this makes a great fun gardening project for the kids.

I started my first vegetable garden as a six year old and it was fun. The thrill of planting seeds and then watching them break ground and grow and produce edible produce was unmatched.

Just know that every seed you plant won’t sprout. People report that up to 85% of seeds planted will actually grow.

Sunlight is crucial when growing tomatoes so like the first two kits, make sure you have a window sill or area that receives lots of it.

If not, you can use artificial light but that’s advice for another article and it could get expensive.

Window Garden – Cherry Tomato Vegetable Starter Kit

The Window Garden Starter Kit is a great starter kit for beginners. The Window Garden Tomato Kit is popular because of its ability to produce lots of tomatoes.

It’s ideal for cherry tomatoes and expect to get plenty of them. Just provide the necessary maintenance including a sunny spot and this will really help you cut down on a section of your grocery bill.

The kit comes with everything you need. The supplier also provides a reusable mini greenhouse which creates an environment for consistent seed germination. That’s one of the reasons why this kit has such a high produce production level.

Nature’s Blossom Heirloom Vegetables Seed Starter Kit

The Nature’s Blossom Seed Starter Kit is another kit perfect for a variety of produce including tomatoes. This kit comes with seeds for four varieties of vegetables.

One of those are Sweet Red Tomatoes which are popular and more importantly delicious. They’re also expensive to buy at the supermarkets so once again, you’ll be saving in the hip pocket.

The Nature’s Blossom Kit is perfect for beginners. It comes with a solid guide within the package. This kit can be used indoors and outdoors. Just find a spot that is conducive to receiving regular sunlight and this grow your own tomato kit shouldn’t let you down.

Grow Your Own Tomato Kit – Final Thoughts

The five indoor tomato growing kits listed in this guide are all capable of providing you with produce year round.

The main ingredient for growing healthy tomatoes in quantity is sunlight.

As we mentioned several times in this article, sunlight is essential so make sure you have a spot or window sill in your home that receives the sun’s rays for several hours a day.

If not, you may want to wait before purchasing a kit and do your homework on incorporating artificial sunlight into your indoor growing projects. We’ll be providing information on this in a future guide.

JD Dean

Growing up on a farm gave me and my family some huge advantages. One of them was learning to grow our own food. Apart from acres and acres of crops, we had a magnificent fruit and vegetable garden plus, we canned our own food. I’m hoping to pass on some of this expertise and experience to you.

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