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How To Water Plants On Vacation – 10 Things You Should Know

How To Water Plants On Vacation

Is there a trick in knowing how to water plants on vacation? If you’re new to gardening or maintaining any type of plant, then going away on vacation can be a little bit of an issue.

For some though, and I’m not judging…actually, yes I am, they don’t care.

I know people who completely disregard the fact their plants will need water during their days away. They usually reposed with, “they’re just plants, they’ll take care of themselves”.

When they return from their vacations, the plants are usually “on their last legs” and if they don’t make it, they’ll go out and buy more.

These are the same people who own pets but thankfully, that’s not as drastic.

So with that rant out of the way, let’s give you some tips on how to water plants on vacation.

How To Water Plants On Vacation

Plants need water even if their owner is on vacation. If you are leaving your plants at home, follow these steps to make sure they get the right amount of water.

That’s if you can’t get anyone to check on them while you’re away. The following are just a bunch of tips on how to water plants on vacation I’ve gathered over the years. You won’t need to use them all.

1) Get a watering system timer that can be set to water your plants when they need it.

2) Set the timer to go off every day, or every other day, depending on how often you would normally water them while you are home.

3) Put the timer in a place where it will be hard for kids or pets to get at – or turn off the power switch so it will work for days without electricity.

4) Put some rocks in the vase with about an inch of water at the bottom, change them out when they get low. This way your plant won’t dry up and die.

5) Check the soil regularly to see if there is any excess moisture. You don’t want to overwater but you also don’t want the roots to rot.

6) Watering during extreme heat may cause damage to your plants. Wait until after sunset before watering.

7) Use bottled water instead of tap water. It’s not good for plants.

watering system
Ask a neighbor or relative to check in on your plants

8) Don’t use too much fertilizer. Too much fertilizer causes diseases and makes plants more susceptible to pests.

9) Keep your plants away from direct sunlight. Direct sun can burn leaves and kill plants.

10) When you return home, check your plants and give them a drink. Yay! They survived.

Why You Should Be Worried About Your Plants When You’re Away

Again, this article is for people who care about their plants

If you are ready to “turn a leaf” and become a plant lover then here are some reasons why you should be worried about your plants when you are away.

1) Some plants have very sensitive root systems. They can easily become dehydrated and die.

2) Many plants like to grow in dark places. Make sure your lights are turned off when you leave.

3) Some plants develop insect problems when left unattended.

4) A lot of plants can’t take cold temperatures well.

5) Some plants prefer cool conditions. If you live in a hot climate, try to keep your house cooler than normal.

6) Some plants require specific amounts of light. If you move into a new apartment, room or house, you may not know what kind of lighting your plants need.

7) Some plants need fertilizers. If you forget to fertilize them, your plants could suffer.

plant sitter
Hiring someone to take care of your plants is a great move… 

8) Some plants need humidity. If you forget to open the windows, your plants could suffer from too little air circulation.

9) Some plants need special care. If you leave your plants outside all year, they need to be brought inside before winter sets in.

10) Some plants need constant attention. If you’re not around, you’ll miss out on the fun of watching your seeds sprout.

Have You Done Everything Necessary To Ensure Your Plants Are Safe?

Have you made every possible attempt to make sure your plants are safe while you’re away?

Yes, they need watering but they’ll also need protection.

When I was growing up on the farm, I took special note in what my parents did. A special watering system with a timer certainly helped but can be expensive.

So the next best thing is where you position your plants. Sure, for those who have them in the ground in a garden bed then hiring someone or putting in a watering system is the answer.

But for those with plants in pots and containers, consider these areas. Think strategic.

Did you know that people also run the risk of having their plants stolen while they’re away.

Some varieties can be expensive especially once they are mature.

I like to find a location that is safe for my plants.

The best locations include areas such as:

  • Garden beds
  • Patios
  • Balconies
  • Roofs
  • Porches
  • Deck railings
  • Stairways
  • Windowsills

How To Water Plants While You’re Away On Vacation – Final Thoughts

Plant-sitting is the act of taking care of plants for an absent person. There are many services that offer plant-sitting for a fee, but you may also have friends or family that are willing to water your plants for free.

If you still think that hiring someone to water your plants is too expensive, then it’s time to purchase a set of plant watering gadgets. They will provide you with the constant vigilance needed to keep your plants alive while you’re away.

These are some ways on how you can water your plants while on vacation so they don’t die due to prolonged neglect or lack of care.

Here are some parting steps. We may be repeating some things here but I just wanted to reiterate that plants are living, breathing things that need your help on occasions.

Step 1. Find a person who can water your plants for you.

Step 2. Hire a professional plant sitter from a service.

Step 3. Buy a self-watering planter system for your plants.

I hope these tips help. Please share your best practice on how you water your plants when you’re away on vacation. Share them in the comments below.

JD Dean

Growing up on a farm gave me and my family some huge advantages. One of them was learning to grow our own food. Apart from acres and acres of crops, we had a magnificent fruit and vegetable garden plus, we canned our own food. I’m hoping to pass on some of this expertise and experience to you.

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