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Ideas For Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

Ideas For Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

There are a “zillion” ideas for raised vegetable garden bed available today.

You’ve just got to do a search online or on YouTube and the ideas will come thick and fast.

We know that raised vegetable garden beds are a great way to grow vegetables. They can be made from a variety of materials and can be designed in a number of different ways.

The raised vegetable garden bed is also a smart way to grow vegetables in your backyard. Whether you have a small yard or an acre, there are any number of different types of raised garden beds that could work for you.

Raised vegetable garden beds come in all shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing: they offer additional height to your plants, which means they’ll get more light and air circulation than if they were planted on the ground.

The purpose of this article is not to overwhelm you with a million ideas. There are five I have always been keen on and I’m sure one could suit you. THat’s the key here. Don’t overthink this. Assess your space and choose the most appropriate raised garden bed solution for you situation.

5 Ideas For Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

raised herbal garden bed
Construction of a herbal garden bed

One type is called the “square foot” method where people plant only one square foot of soil at a time and then move on to the next square foot. This ensures that each square foot receives adequate sunlight and air circulation.

Another option is to use a raised bed kit. These kits are available from various companies and include everything you need to build a raised vegetable garden bed.

The kit usually includes a frame, fillers, drainage material and mulch. It’s easy to assemble these kits yourself and they make building a raised vegetable garden bed very simple.

If you don’t want to buy a kit, you can always start with a wooden box. These boxes are ideal because they allow you to customize the size of the raised vegetable garden bed as well as how deep it goes into the ground. If you’re looking for something larger, consider a concrete block box.

Another option is to build your own raised vegetable garden bed using wood pallets.

We love this idea because you can reuse old pallets and recycle them instead of throwing them away. Pallet gardening is a great way to save money and reduce waste.

Our final suggestion is to look around your local hardware store. Most stores carry some sort of raised vegetable garden bed.

Some even sell ready-made ones. Just keep in mind that most of them are not large enough to accommodate a full-sized tomato plant.

So what kind of raised vegetable garden bed should you choose? As you can see, there are several options out there.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Raised Vegetable Beds?

Growing herbs in raised garden beds
Growing herbs in raised garden beds is very popular

We’re looking at a raised vegetable garden bed from two angles; those made of wood and those made of concrete.

A wooden raised vegetable garden bed is typically smaller and easier to construct. They tend to be less expensive too.

A concrete raised vegetable garden bed is much sturdier and lasts longer. But they are more expensive to install.

A traditional raised bed has four sides and sits about three feet off the ground. This makes it perfect for planting flowers and herbs.

However, if you want to grow vegetables, a traditional raised bed may not be the best choice. A raised bed with sloped sides helps to direct water and nutrients down to the roots of the plants.

This type of raised vegetable garden bed is good for growing tomatoes.

As we mentioned earlier, raising your vegetable garden bed increases its overall size and allows you to grow more plants.

So if you already have a small yard, you might want to opt for a raised vegetable garden bed rather than trying to squeeze in a few extra square feet.

You can also raise your vegetable garden bed up to six feet off the ground. However, this will require a lot more effort and time to maintain.

Your best bet would be to find a raised vegetable garden bed idea that fits your particular situation and needs. Everyone is going to have a different amount of space available.

In addition to choosing the right type of raised vegetable garden beds, you also need to decide what variety of plants you’d like to grow.

I’d suggest to keep it simple. Don’t try and grow too many different varieties at first. Just one or two.

How To Choose The Right Soil

Growing salad varieties
Growing salad varieties in a raised garden bed

Regardless of which type of raised vegetable garden you choose, remember that it’s important to choose the right soil mix.

If you have opted for the container method of raised vegetable gardening then this is especially important. I never sit around trying to figure this out for myself.

As an expert and I’m sure there’s one at your fingertips in your area.

Take a trip to your local nursery or garden center. Ask an expert at the counter for help finding the right soil mixture for your raised vegetable garden bed.

I know that going online is an easy way to get information but use this tip. Utilize people making a living from advising and selling garden products.

They have a passion for what they do that’s hard to match.

They can tell you which fertilizer to use or whether you need to apply any additional fertilizers.

They’ll can also give you tips on how often to fertilize your raised vegetable garden bed, depending on the type of plants you’re growing.

Finally, remember to make sure your raised vegetable garden bed is placed where it won’t get hit by strong winds.

Wind can play havoc with any newly-planted garden. One issue gardeners face is choosing a location susceptible to “gully winds” which blow especially at night.

Most times, you won’t notice them because you’re sleeping but they can be a real nuisance.

So make sure your choice is not in a valley-centric location where winds might be an issue.

Conclusion: Ideas For Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Are A Dime-A-Dozen

Wooden garden bed
Wooden raised garden bed

A raised vegetable garden bed is a great way to turn your backyard into a productive space. Ideas are a dime-a-dozen.

You can overwhelm yourself looking at ideas.

Procrastination will set in and you will never get your vegetable garden going.

I’ll leave you with this final tip. Assess your area and situation as far as space is concerned. Look at which idea best suits the space you have.

And then, just go for it. Start with one of two seed varieties. Tomatoes and lettuce are a great starting point, especially tomatoes.

The idea here is to get something going. Once you start to see some production your confidence rises and you’ll be unstoppable.

Well, that’s the idea but I’d love to hear what type of raised vegetable garden bed you chose to go with and the produce you created from it. Leave a comment below.

Ideas For A Raised Vegetable Garden Bed
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