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Neem Oil Plant Spray – What Is Neem Oil And Is It Safe?

Neem Oil Plant Spray

Neem oil plant spray may not be for every gardener. However, it can be a really effective way to keep your garden bug-free.

Any gardener will tell you that the scourge of their garden is the unwanted visitors. You know, those pesky pests who feed on the crops or to simply outright destroy them.

While many bugs are beneficial to keeping a healthy ecosystem for gardening, there are very harmful insects that hurt crops and kill other bugs that are both soil and garden friendly.

When you need to eradicate harmful insects, don’t use a conventional pesticide. Many gardeners are aware of the dangers of conventional, non-organic pesticides for pest control.

But is there a natural alternative? Let’s take a look at Neem oil plant spray. If you’ve reached a point where you are confused about where to go for help, consider the following tips.

What Is Neem Oil Plant Spray?

Neem oil is a natural pesticide that comes from a species of mahogany tree.

The tree is called Azadirachta Indica, otherwise known as neem, which grows in India and dry areas throughout south Asia.

The neem tree is known as a medicinal plant. It has a wide variety of uses, and its oil – neem oil – has antimicrobial properties. It is an effective natural pesticide, nematicide and neem oil fungicide.

How Does Neem Oil Plant Spray Work?

Neem oil plant spray is mixed with water to create a solution.

This solution is applied and is absorbed by the plant through its roots.

The natural pesticide travels through the plant but doesn’t harm it. It actually makes the plant toxic to invasive pests that feed on it.

Neem oil natural plant sprays protect against harmful pests like mites, aphids, and cabbage worms which can invade and destroy your garden.

Neem oil fungicide can be applied to plants to prevent and kill fungus like powdery mildew; fungal diseases like black spot and help prevent root rot as well.

How Do You Apply It?

Depending on your garden’s needs, you’ll apply the neem oil either to the soil at the base of the plant or directly on the plant’s foliage. 

Neem oil plant spray is typically applied at the base of the plant in the soil since plants absorb neem oil through their roots.

Neem oil fungicides are typically applied by spraying the solution directly on the affected area.

And Neem oil natural pesticides and fungicide are available for purchase in plastic containers or in spray bottles. Follow the instructions on the product bottle to ensure proper application.

Although neem oil is a natural pesticide and natural fungicide, it’s recommended to test your plant first with a small application.

Then, wait 24 hours to make sure your plant is tolerant before applying more.

Which One Should You Use?

Just like any other product on the market, not all neem oil products are created equal.

Some products have additives or non-organic chemicals mixed in with the pure neem oil. It’s important to check the bottle. Look for 100% cold-pressed oil with only one ingredient – Azadirachta.

Two fantastic brands of 100% cold-pressed oil are Plantonix Organic Neem Oil and Verdana Cold-Pressed Neem Oil.

Plantonix Organic Neem Oil is a high-quality natural pesticide and natural fungicide concentrate that you simply mix with water and then apply to your plant’s soil or directly to its foliage.

Verdana Cold-Pressed Neem Oil is another high-quality natural brand with no additives or chemicals. It’s only made from 100% neem oil so there are no harmful ingredients.

Both of these cold-pressed neem oils are 100% natural, so they’re even safe to use in other products like shampoos or lotions that you might make at home. And, they’re safe for pets.

Neem Oil Plant Spray – Final Thoughts

When you want a natural solution to treat problems in your garden or need a reliable preventative method of pest control, neem oil plant spray is a solid alternative.

While Neem oil is all-natural, effective and easy to use for a healthy, beautiful garden, it is toxic and does have its drawbacks. And know that it is banned in the UK.

Again, like anything with some risk, you need to be careful. Make sure you wear eye protection, long pants and long sleeved shirts. And gloves are a must. Thoroughly wash your clothing after each application.

As a pesticide and fungicide, Neem oil plant spray can be extremely effective at eradicating and preventing nasty and unwanted bugs from ruining your garden.

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