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The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables Are Long Term

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables

The benefits of growing your own vegetables are endless.

From cutting back on grocery bills to health benefits, if you’ve been thinking about starting your own vegetable garden, what’s stopping you.

With more people now urban dwellers, many cite “lack of space”. That’s not an excuse any more.

There are great alternatives for people to grow there own vegetables living in condos or apartments.

Vegetable garden kits you can use inside are the immediate answer. I know people who have less than 1000 square feet of living space constantly producing their own produce.

They are easy to set up and the cost is very reasonable. Check out these vegetable garden kits.

Meanwhile, the health benefits of growing your own vegetables are understated. Here’s just a shortlist to consider:

  • nutritious
  • a more diverse and healthy diet
  • physical activity
  • a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D

The fight against diseases such as heart disease and cancer is ongoing. It starts with providing your body cells with the proper nutrition to protect you.

Your body is an amazing “piece of technology”. When it’s fed properly, it will fight off and destroy dangerous free radicals that cause cellular damage. If free radicals are allowed to roam around your body unabated, that’s when disease is born. It doesn’t happen overnight but when they continue to attack a certain area, over time it deteriorates and eventually, damages your health.

When your body receives the proper nutrition intake from food, it dramatically lessens hunger pains.

When it’s satisfied, you will eat less during the day.

If you eat junk food regularly, its lack of nutrition doesn’t satisfy your body at the cellular level and it continually craves food. You eat more and in time, put on unhealthy pounds.

5 More Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables    

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most vital things everyone can do to stay fit and healthy.

That is why we recommend growing a garden of your own – so you can easily keep the healthy nutrients flowing into your body.

But once you start a garden, you will get to enjoy a lot of additional benefits. Here are five more extremely important reasons that you should grow your own food.

You Eliminate Unwanted Pollutants In Your Food

If you are purchasing product from the grocery story, you are at the mercy of someone else’s growth strategy.

Most supermarkets purchase their fruits and vegetables from a wholesaler, which most likely means those items were grown with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Pesticides and harmful chemicals could cause damage to your own body that you will not see for years to come. So you stop the issue before it becomes a problem.

You grow your own food and control the substances that are put into your body.

While supermarkets do a great job providing us with food choice, they can’t control what ingredients go into that food. It’s the same with fruit and vegetables.

When you grow it, by using organic methods you’ll guarantee the produce you grow and eat will be virtually free of harmful ingredients.

Keep Your Grocery Budget Under Control

If you are growing your own garden you spend less money at the grocery store. If you are spending less money at the grocery store, that will also mean you’re going to the grocery store less.

Think about it – how many times have you gone to the store because you are one vegetable short of completing your dish? Now, you can go to your garden and pick it from there.

Not only will you save the money you would have spent at the grocery store, but you will save gas money from traveling to the location. Win, win!

Gardening Is A Healthy Work Out

There are so many physical activities you need to do in order to maintain your garden – dig the dirt, plant the seeds, water the plants, lay new soil.

All of these tasks leads to you needing to use several muscle groups, which will strengthen those muscles over time.

Sure, it might be a struggle to start out. But the more you do these activities, the easier they will become, which means your body is not only receiving healthy nutrients, but also a beneficial physical workout.

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables Includes A Cheap Long Term Hobby

You will need to spend more money in the beginning when starting a garden. That’s only natural. You need equipment, seeds, seedlings and plant protection maintenance.

But if you build your garden correctly, that spending will be cut back drastically. Eventually, your plants will produce their own seeds that you can plant to grow more plants of the same variety.

You are literally experiencing the cycle of life. You nurture and provide your garden with what it needs in the beginning, and it will repay you many times over with healthy produce.

Your Garden Will Provide You With A Rewarding Feeling

When you are in an aesthetically pleasing location, you naturally feel better about yourself and your situation.

All plants have a natural pleasing ascetic, which means you will want to spend more time in your garden. And if you enjoy spending more time there, the hard work you are putting into it everyday will no longer feel back-breaking.

It will feel rewarding. And everyone deserves to feel nutritionally, physically and mentally rewarded.

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables – Final Thoughts

If you have the extra land to grow a vegetable garden that’s great. What are you waiting for.

If you haven’t, don’t let this be the barrier that stops you from growing your own vegetables.

Indoor gardening kits are readily available that defeat the “lack of space” issue. Once again, if you’re looking for the most suitable kits for you, click here.

Just think healthy and cost-saving. The benefits of growing your own vegetables are long term. Start growing your garden today.

JD Dean

Growing up on a farm gave me and my family some huge advantages. One of them was learning to grow our own food. Apart from acres and acres of crops, we had a magnificent fruit and vegetable garden plus, we canned our own food. I’m hoping to pass on some of this expertise and experience to you.

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