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The Best Place To Buy Seeds For Your Vegetable Garden

Best Place To Buy Seeds

The best place to buy seeds for your vegetable garden is at a local gardening store. The next best place is online.

This is the order recommended by most gardening experts. But why go to your local gardening store first instead of buying seeds online?

There are many benefits to buying seeds from a local gardening store. The first is that you can get personalized advice and recommendations from the staff.

They will ask about what you want to grow, how much space you have, what your growing season is like, and more. This individualized attention will help you find the perfect vegetable or flower seed for your needs.

Another benefit of buying seeds from a gardening store is that they will have the seeds you need that are suited to the area you live in. Have you taken into account that some vegetables won’t grow too well in some climates?

Shopping local can “get you over this hump” and have you growing the right vegetables for the right conditions and in the right environment.

There is definitely a place for buying seeds online. But you should only go down this route once you’ve exhausted all local options.

If your local garden store hasn’t got what you require, either they can get it in for you or take the initiative and buy it online.

Supporting local business should be high on your priority list and buying seeds for your vegetable garden is no different.

Best Place To Buy Seeds – The Top 7 Vegetables To Start From Seeds This Year

the best place to buy seedsSo what are the top vegetables to grow this year?

It depends on where you live. In areas with mild winters, we recommend starting off with:

Winter Squash – Crookneck, Mammoth, Hubbard, Sugar Baby

Tomatoes – Sweet 100s, Better Boy, Brandywine, Celebrity

Peppers – Jalapeno, Red Bell, Yellow Bell

Cucumbers – Marketmore, Straight Eight

Lettuce – Buttercrunch, Green Iceberg

Carrots – Purple Haze, White Lisbon

Radishes – Black Spanish

You don’t have to limit yourself to these seven, though. There are plenty of other vegetables that are easy to start from seeds. Just make sure that they are suitable for your climate zone and soil type.

The listed vegetables should all be available from your local garden store. They are popular and a staple diet form most veggie lovers.

They are definitely available online but as I said, head down to your local gardening store first and check there.

Seeding And Planting Tips For Vegetable Gardening Success

tomato seedsOnce you’ve found the right seeds, here are some tips to ensure you get the best results when you plant them.

Select a location that has full sun exposure. Full sun means 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Partial shade will mean 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. A shady spot will mean less than 4 hours of direct sunlight per week.

When choosing a site for your garden, consider whether there is adequate room for a tractor, wheelbarrow, tiller, or other equipment.

Avoid planting directly in lawns or bare ground. These spaces tend to dry out quickly and are difficult to maintain. Instead, choose a sunny patch of land that is already prepared for planting.

Start seeds indoors. Many people think that starting seeds outdoors is easier because they don’t have any trouble keeping up with watering and feeding.

However, if you start seeds indoors, you can control the amount of light they receive and protect them from bugs and pests.

To reduce the risk of disease spreading, separate your crops by two weeks. This way, diseases that attack one crop won’t infect another.

Plant early. The earlier you plant your seeds, the better chance they have of producing healthy plants before the weather turns cold.

Best Vegetable Seeds To Plant

vegetable garden seedsI’m a little biased here and having an Italian background, I’m naturally going to say tomatoes.

Technically a fruit and not a vegetable although this seems to get hotly debated every time it comes up, tomatoes are part of nearly everyone’s staple diet.

And the great thing is, they are easy to grow. They were the centerpiece of my vegetable garden growing up.

But there is one thing you need to know. It’s fine to nail down the best place to buy seeds but every seed you buy will produce you vegetables.

And that’s particularly the case with tomatoes.

It takes more than one seed to produce one tomato plant. So, if you were to purchase 10 packets of tomato seeds with thirty seeds in each packet, and assuming it took three seeds to produce one tomato plant, you would end up with about 100 plants!

Of course that is some pretty rough math. This will vary significantly. I’ve bought packets of tomatoes where it took a quarter of the seeds in there to produce a plant. 

I’ve bought seeds in packets that have proven to be a complete dud and got nothing from them. It happens. Just move on. That’s why going local first makes such good sense. You have easy recourse if the seeds don’t germinate and they are duds.

The bottomline is, not all tomato seeds or whichever variety you are growing, will germinate and produce you vegetables.

Best Place To Buy Seeds? Why Not Start Your Own Seed Bank

where to buy seedsAs a kid growing up on a farm, learning the art of gardening from my parents left a big impression.

One of the things I realized very early was you always prepare for the next season.

One it’s great to harvest your vegetables for food, it’s also important that you source from those vegetables the seeds you’ll need for your next crop.

Whether it be tomatoes, pumpkins, squash…you name it, if you can source your seeds and create your own seed bank you will be in a great position for the next season.

Not all vegetables are easy to source seeds from. Everyone has their own preference. Don’t try and grow every variety out there.

Stick with what you know you are going to eat. When you feel you want to expand your choices, add a new variety to the mix. But always remember – grow vegetables not just for eating but to produce seeds for next year’s crop as well.

Best Place To Buy Seeds For Your Vegetable Garden
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