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The Top 10 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food At Home

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

The benefits of growing your own food are numerous. From saving on your grocery bill to eating non-pesticide treated food, we could spend the rest of this article listing all the reasons.

But we will keep it short and sweet.

In 2020 and beyond, growing your own food is more important than ever. Freshly grown food provides many advantages, such as better tasting food with higher nutritional content.

Homegrown food is a more sustainable option than conventional, store-bought foods. I remember clearly growing up on our farm and my parents making sure we always had food stored from our own gardens.

From fresh food to long lasting storage, there was never any shortage. And better still, trips to the grocery store were only ever needed on an occasional basis.

The following list is just that- a list. We give a brief explanation for each benefit of growing your own food. Actually, each section heading should say it all. Here are 10 reasons why it’s important to grow your own food.

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food – Fresh Tastes Better

Store-bought food is often transported from other countries, meaning the food sits for days or weeks before it arrives at the grocery store.

By growing your own food, you have access to the freshest food directly from the plant. And fresh food tastes the best.

And the real benefit is, you know exactly where it came from, how it was grown and that it’s free from harmful treatments. Yes, fresh from your own garden is better.

Workout Anyone?

Growing your own food is a rewarding hobby. In addition to providing yourself with the freshest food possible one of the major benefits of growing your own food is that it’s like a workout.

As a young man, I would till the ground for my mom before she started the growing process and I’m here to tell you, it was better than any gym workout.

Whether you’re planting, watering or weeding your garden, you’ll be exercising and burning calories – sometimes without even noticing.

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food Equals Fun

It’s fun to take care of your garden and watch your plants grow.

Many gardeners report that they have fun growing their own food and taking care of their garden plot. And the most fun happens when you get to harvest your food and enjoy it.

Again, when I started my own garden at the age of six, you cannot imagine the thrill and excitement I had when the shoots first broke through the ground. I still get that same feeling today.

Fresh Is Healthier

Studies have shown that fresh fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional content over time.

Imagine a freshly-picked fruit or vegetable versus one that’s traveled across the country – or world – to reach your plate.

Homegrown foods are picked right before they’re eaten, so they’re fresher and healthier. And in a world where so much food is processed, that’s important. Unless you’re supplementing your diet with extra nutrition, stick to fresh – it’s much better for your health.

Cut Food Costs

It might take some effort to grow your own food, but you’ll save money by doing it.

Growing your own food means you pay once for your gardening supplies and then reap the benefits of a continued supply of fresh food. And you can save seeds from your homegrown produce for the following year.

You will no longer waste money on buying produce at the store only to let it go rotten and forgotten in the fridge.

Control What You Eat

Benefits of growing your own food includes giving you control over what you eat.

When you buy food from grocery stores, you don’t always know how it’s been grown, what pesticides were used, and how far the food was shipped. You also don’t know the working conditions of the laborers who grew and harvested that food.

When you grow your own food, you know exactly how it was grown and you know what pesticides (if any) were used.

Sustainability – A Major Benefit Of Growing Your Own Food

If you have a homestead and live off the grid, self-reliance is likely a personal value for you and your family.

Growing your own food makes your homestead more sustainable because you rely on yourself to grow and harvest your food. If you rely on outside food production, you’re depending on unknown people and companies that aren’t always sustainable.

In the event of an emergency that affects food supplies, your homestead can provide you and your family with food. If large food producers encounter problems with food production and are unable to ship food to stores, you’ll have your homegrown food to rely on.

Combats Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

In wintertime, the days become shorter and people are exposed to limited amounts of sunlight.

This often leads to depression for many people. This is called SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Growing your own food, especially cold-weather crops, helps to fight SAD by keeping folks outside longer in the wintertime to tend to their gardens.

Satisfaction Is Another Of The Major Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

Growing your own food is satisfying in countless ways. You can reap what you sow by enjoying a delicious harvest.

You get outdoors in the sunlight and dirt, connecting with the earth and with yourself.

Especially in these days of technology and social media, gardening gives you so many ways to feel a sense of satisfaction and connection to the world.

Less Waste

Households who grow their own food produce less food waste.

Instead of loading up on groceries at the store and estimating what you’ll use in a week, you can simply walk out to your garden and pluck just what you need for that day.

How many times have you gone to your fridge to grab a snack only to find the food item has gone off. Fruit and vegetables are a major culprit of food bought from the store that goes off. That will be a thing of the past and another of the major benefits of growing your own food.

Final Thoughts

There’s no better time than now to start growing your own food. Even if it’s out of season you can still prepare for your garden. Choose where you’re going to grow it, what you’re going to grow, what you need and how to grow it.

Freshly grown food provides endless benefits, from saving money to increasing sustainability and well-being.

Get started with gardening today and find out for yourself the amazing benefits of growing your own food.

JD Dean

Growing up on a farm gave me and my family some huge advantages. One of them was learning to grow our own food. Apart from acres and acres of crops, we had a magnificent fruit and vegetable garden plus, we canned our own food. I’m hoping to pass on some of this expertise and experience to you.

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