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The Top 5 Best Tasting Dwarf Tomatoes

Best Tasting Dwarf Tomatoes

So, what are the best tasting dwarf tomatoes? This list is my own personal choice which has served me well. 

Since watching my parents tend to their massive gardens as a child, I’ve naturally picked up some tips and preferences. 

I remember clearly never being attracted to anything other than red tomatoes, no matter the variety. There was just something about biting into a tomato that was a color other than red. 

As I said, this is a personal preference. Over time though, I think I have been right in my own mind at least, with the selections I’ve made as the best tasting dwarf tomatoes out there.

There are too many varieties to choose from. Also, growers have created varieties by crossing one with the other. The result is a lot of varieties out there. Some or all of the choices I’ve made will be created through this system. Having said that, here are some of the best dwarf tomatoes you can find. These are my favorites.

  • The Dwarf Stone
  • The Sweet Scarlet
  • Better Bush Variety
  • The Kangaroo Paw
  • The Minibel

These are all red varieties which are always top of my list. I feel they are tastier than those producing yellow or even purple fruit.

They’re open pollinated cultivars, meaning they don’t require seedlings. And while there are hundreds of different types of dwarf tomato plants, most of them are hybrid crosses.

So what makes one dwarf tomato better than another? Well, it depends on the variety, how old it is, where it’s grown, and how much sun it gets.

Later in this article, I’ll briefly describe each one of my selections individually.

What Are Dwarf Tomatoes?

cherry tomatoA dwarf tomato plant is a type of tomato plant that grows much smaller than regular plants.

Some of these so called dwarf plants can grow to about 5 feet tall. Normal tomato plants can reach up to 20 feet tall and sometimes beyond.

Dwarf tomatoes are usually grown indoors. I say that because most people I know that grow them indoors.

But my parents grew them indoors and outdoors. Actually, we lived in a very sunny and dry climate and they preferred to grow them outdoors.

As I’ve said before, they hated to waste space or miss an opportunity. They had a lot of pots and containers around the house, under our massive wrap around verandah and inside.

Any spare ones usually ended up housing dwarf tomato varieties. That’s the great thing about these small tomato varieties.

They can be planted in containers, raised beds, hanging baskets, window boxes, or even in large pots.

The most common varieties of dwarf tomatoes include cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, and slicing tomatoes.

Some growers say that dwarf tomatoes taste better than standard ones because they don’t produce as many seeds. Others argue that the smaller size makes it easier to pick off the fruits.

How To Define A Dwarf Tomato

cherry tomatoes in gardenI guess this is a little the same as asking what is a dwarf tomato. This is an article about determining in my opinion, the best tasting dwarf tomato.

I think it’s important to understand what these delicious fruits are. Actually, I know one person very well who loved dwarf tomatoes. I say loved because for some reason, he lost his appetite for them when I explained a little about what they are.

I’m still baffled by that. Maybe if you’re afraid of doing the same thing, skip this section although I am confident you’ll still be attracted to eating them.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables grown in gardens around the world.

But there’s a lot of confusion about what makes a tomato a dwarf tomato versus a regular tomato.

Tomatoes come in many shapes and sizes, including standard, cherry, grape, slicer, beefsteak, plum, etc. And each type has its own characteristics.

The main difference between a normal tomato and a dwarf tomato is size. Dwarf tomatoes tend to be smaller than average.

This allows them to fit into small spaces where larger varieties cannot. In addition, dwarf tomatoes generally do not reach full maturity. Instead, they keep producing fruit throughout the entire growing season.

And that’s all I said to my friend. Still can’t fathom a reason why that put him off dwarf tomatoes. He was a little fella. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.

My Top 5 Best Tasting Dwarf Tomatoes In More Detail

how to define a dwarf tomatoI’ll briefly describe the taste of the fruit and what makes it attractive and when I can, when and where to plant.

This is just a quick guide but the truth is, if you are planning to grow any of these varieties, they are really hard to mess up.

So here are my 5 top best tasting dwarf tomato choices in a little more detail. If you can, try and sample them before deciding to plant.

Dwarf Stone

The Dwarf Stone tomato produces a compact plant with foliage that can only be described as sparse. It may put a few off visually but don’t let this fool you.

This is a great tasting dwarf tomato and there’s a reason why it’s top of my list. If grown inside, use a 3-5 gallon container with one plant to a container. If panting outside, plant the seedlings at least eighteen inches apart.

This variety produces very well and the fruit is not only great to taste, but it looks appealing with a smooth texture and is hardy.

Sweet Scarlet

cherry tomatoes on plantThe Sweet Scarlet tomato is a big producer of medium sized dwarf tomatoes. Some say they are bigger than ordinary dwarfs.

I say who cares because this is almost the equal of the Dwarf Some in taste and texture. The taste is quite sweet and strong and leaves an impression on the taste buds. Great indoor tomato plant. Use 3-5 gallon pots.

Preferably, the larger the better. Does well under artificial lighting. Also, don’t be surprised if sometimes, it produces a tomato other than red. Go ahead, it still tastes like a Sweet Scarlet.

Better Bush

The Better Bush Variety is foliage rich but also fruit rich. This is another medium sized tomato and just qualifies under the dwarf banner.

It has a really rich, red color that will please most but the flavor is as they say, truly delicious. Better Bush a good indoor choice but I would prefer this outside simply because of the amount of fruit and foliage it produces. Either in a large pot or outside, you’ll definitely need to stake this tomato for support.

This is a variety that can continue to be planted late in the summer.

Kangaroo Paw Red

top best tasting dwarf tomatoesThe Kangaroo Paw comes in different colors, red being my favorite. This variety is one you can turn to to produce early in the growing season.

This is a variety you can put down as soon as you feel a little warmth in the air but are clear of frosts. The fruit of the Kangaroo Paw Red is small and there are lots of them.

The good thing is it has a strong stem capable of supporting a lot of fruit as it doesn’t grow too tall. Still, I like to treat my plants well and if I think it needs to be staked to help support the weight it produces, I’ll stake it. Great choice for indoors in a 3-5 gallon container.


The Minibel is the baby of the best tasting dwarf tomatoes I’ve listed here but don’t let it’s small size throw you off. It’s tasty and a delicious addition to salads especially. It is not a tall variety with the plants struggling to reach two feet by the end of the season.

That makes it a really good choice indoors. It does appreciate real sunlight so it doesn’t hurt to take it outside for several hours when the sun is at it’s brightest. Also a great choice for planting outdoors but in pots of at least 1-2 gallons in size. Doesn’t really need to be staked as it’s size and strong stem gives it plenty of support base. Plant these early as they will take 7-80 days to fully ripen.

One more thing, if you have kids, let me tell you that they are extremely attracted to Minibels. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Conclusion: Best Tasting Dwarf Tomatoes

sweet scarlet fruitWell, that’s my list of the best tasting dwarf tomatoes and I’m going to stick to it.

These choices are from personal experience and the top two listed are my overall favorites in the best taste test.

I know some of you will disagree but as I said above, this is a personal thing. Actually, if you have your own list, why not leave them in the comments below. I’d love to read your thoughts.

Finally, always wash tomatoes before eating them or using them in whatever dish you’re making.

I say this because I mentioned the Minibels are a favorite with kids and I’ve seen them raid the garden when they get hungry. I say that’s fine but please wash them thoroughly before eating.

The Best Tasting Dwarf Tomatoes
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