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The Yellow Eggplant: Forbidden Fruit Or Not?

Yellow Eggplant

A yellow eggplant may not be what you want to see when growing them. Usually a purple color, the eggplant is an intriguing member of the nightshade family.

It can be cooked in a variety of ways with my favorite being to stuff them.

As a kid growing up watching my parents grow and harvest eggplants, occasionally you’d come across a yellow eggplant or one that was on the verge of turning a yellow color.

Many people will baulk at the choice of a yellow eggplant at a store simply because it’s not their common color.

So why do eggplants turn yellow?

Well, as it was explained to me, it’s probably got something to do with the fruit over-ripening. Can this happen? Yes it can if you leave it on the plant and simply let it continue to ripen.

The other explanation is the yellow color may just be the type of eggplant you’re growing.

Eggplants confuse a lot of gardeners and are not everybody’s favorite fruit to grow. They need some extra care and attention.

But when you grow them right and get the beautiful purple to black color, they are as I was once told, “a joy to consume”.

Is A Yellow Eggplant Safe To Eat?

eggplant nutrition
The eggplant flowers blooming

Yes, yellow eggplants are safe to eat. Yellow eggplants are a variety of the plant Solanum melongena, and like all eggplant varieties, they are low in calories and a good source of dietary fiber.

They also contain important nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, and thiamin.

The skin and flesh of the yellow eggplant are both edible, and the fruit can be cooked in a variety of ways including roasting, baking, grilling, or stir-frying.

While there are no known adverse effects associated with consuming yellow eggplants, some people may have an allergic reaction to them.

If you experience any symptoms after eating yellow eggplants, seek medical attention immediately.

I know that sounds a little harsh of a warning but to be safe, if you have any kind of allergy issues, just make sure something is safe before consuming it.

My recommendation? Well, I’d give the yellow eggplant a pass as far as eating it is concerned.

The eggplant can provide somewhat of a bitter taste when the perfect fruit is prepared so why would you want to bother eating something that’s overripe.

If there are better looking eggplants available such as purple or blackish ones, choose them all the time.

How Should You Use A Yellow Eggplant?

forbidden fruitSo while I’m not a fan of the yellow eggplant, my mom still used to keep them and cook them.

And I was on the receiving end a few times although not many.

While her specialty was to stuff the fruit using all of her expertise as an Italian cook, as far as the yellow produce was concerned, she used it in other ways.

The sautéed version was her favorite when it came to the yellow fruit. But it was never the main ingredient in whatever dish she was preparing.

She would add “hints” of it in the preparation and the overripe nature of the fruit would never overpower the dish, just add it’s own unique flavor to it.

Admittedly, I could never tell if eggplant was in the dish or not. Like I said, she was expert at her craft.

Occasionally, she would fry the. I remember on one occasion I was looking for a quick meal before heading to football training and in a flash, she’d cooked two eggs sunny side up over a combination of bell peppers and yellow eggplant.

Did it taste good? You betcha.

You might also consider adding the yellow eggplant to a roast. Like the sautéed product, just add enough so it compliments the dish. As I said, add too much and it could overpower the other food i the dish.

Are There Benefits In Eating Eggplants That Turn Yellow?

what is an eggplantYes there is if you are keen to eat them. I don’t want to get into a long spiel here about all the benefits associated with eating eggplants.

I do know that traditional medicine has benefitted from its use for a long, long time.

And as we mentioned earlier, the nutritional value is pretty good. The eggplant is also low in calories and as a dietary food, it can compliment whatever program you are using.

People with diabetes are often encouraged to eat eggplants. My mother was a diabetic from about the age of fifty onwards and eggplants were a regular part of her diet.

Okay, that’s good to know, but are yellow eggplants beneficial to eat. Again, if the eggplant is yellow it means it’s probably overripe unless it’s a specific variety that turns this color.

Even though it’s over ripened, the benefits should still remain. It just may taste a little more bitter than a regular eggplant.

Conclusion: Forbidden Fruit Or Just Confusing?

The yellow eggplant is more confusing than anything.

As I mentioned, my parents would often get their fair share of yellow fruit from their eggplant crops but they would never waste them.

I’ve talked about some of the ways I’ve had them prepared to consume and I’ll admit, they tasted good.

But it was always as an addition to another main dish so the overripe flavor didn’t dominate it.

I recommend you do this too if you are going to try them.

Finally, my mother was extremely resourceful on the farm. We had a lot of birds from chickens to ducks to geese.

The ducks especially enjoyed the yellow eggplant in their food preparation. We’d add some to the flour-type feed we bought for them. Add the feed, some eggplant, some overripe pumpkin and water and mix it up.

They loved it and were always healthy. One word of warning though, we never added the actual part of the plant itself. It was just some of the fruit within the yellow eggplant.

After having said all that and maybe built a case for you to try the yellow variety, I’m still not going to line up and be the first to try it. While I have and it was good, I never actually prepared it and probably never will.

The decision is yours and remember what I said above, be careful if you have allergies. Ask your local MD if it’s okay to consume before proceeding.

Yellow Eggplants
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