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What’s The Best Indoor Garden Kit For Your Home?

Indoor Garden Kit

An indoor garden kit seems the perfect solution to the current times. Food prices are going up, we live in a world of confinement and people are looking for ways to cut down living costs.

Many people who live in cities, apartments or homes without yards, may not realize they have the option to garden.

You’d be surprised at the opportunities for indoor gardening that allow anyone to easily grow their own food in small spaces.

Truth is, there are many indoor garden kits available on the market, in a variety of sizes and configurations. One of them is bound to be right for your space.

Today, with seemingly more people living in smaller, confined spaces, an indoor garden kit that suits such environments has become more readily available.

Trouble is, which one is suitable for your limited space?

Top Budget Indoor Garden Kit Choices

If you’ve been trying to choose the right indoor garden kit for your project, read on as we present a list of seven great candidates.

Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

If you have some natural sunlight in your home or outdoor space, definitely check out the Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse.

This mini greenhouse maximizes space with 4 tiers of vertical shelving space and can be placed indoors or outside. It includes a full plastic cover for easily starting seeds and cultivating veggies and herbs.

It’s tough, tubular frame is easy to assemble. Push fit, you can have it up in just a few minutes. This kit suits all plant types from seeds, seedlings and immature plants.

Back To The Roots Water Garden

The Back to the Roots Water Garden kit is an amazing way to start small with aquaponics.

This self-sustaining system uses a fish tank that houses one Betta fish to create a symbiotic environment for growing organic herbs and sprouts. The plants grow on top of the tank using the natural fertilizer produced by the Betta fish.

The plants keep the tank clean, so there’s no need to clean it out regularly like you would a fishbowl or standard aquarium. This is a neat way to watch an ecosystem in action.

GrowLED Kitchen Garden

Do you want to garden at home, but you have limited natural sunlight? No problems.

The GrowLED Kitchen Garden lets you grow three small plants no matter the light conditions. The sleek unit features LED lights on a timer. Just place this mini greenhouse on a shelf, plug it in, and watch your garden grow.

Sure, that sounds pretty simplistic but such is the technology available today, an indoor garden kit straight out of the box now comes with easier set up ability. It’s just a sign of the times.

AeroGarden Harvest

The AeroGarden Harvest is a compact, easy-to-use garden kit for growing plants up to a foot tall.

The unit sits on a kitchen counter or shelf, making gardening easy for anyone. The built-in LED lights mimic natural sunlight, and the control panel tells you when it’s time to water your plants. It even comes with non-GMO seed pods to get your garden started.

Easy to set up? No problems. The instructions are a cinch to follow and this unit will give you a great head start for your indoor gardening project.

Mindful Design Hydroponic Herb Garden

For those who want to try their hand at hydroponics, try the Mindful Design Hydroponic Herb Garden.

This is a passive unit that lets you grow veggies or herbs with minimal effort.

The portable unit sits on a desktop or tabletop and has adjustable LED lights for various plant needs. You just fill up the reservoir with water and a built-in alert will let you know when you need to add more.

Other Indoor Garden Kits To Consider

The last two choices can sometimes be hard to find.

However, when they are available, they check a lot of the boxes we’re looking for in ease of use and cost.

Just check their availability before making a decision.

Indoor Garden Kit  #6 – Wally Pro One

Super low on space? The Wally Pro One is a great option. The Wally Pro One is a lightweight, wall-mounted planter pocket made of sustainable fabric material.

The modular design allows for flexibility and creativity for a custom indoor wall garden.

You can start out with just one pocket, or use several pockets throughout your home to infuse greenery into multiple rooms.

Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

With this indoor garden kit, the name says it all. The Grow-Anywhere Growhouse is a wall-mounted growing unit that will bring natural greenery into any indoor space, without the need for natural sunlight.

Think you don’t have the time to garden? This low-maintenance system is the perfect solution.

The built-in LED lights are on a timer to mimic natural sunlight, and you grow plants in jars of water instead of soil. This is really a set-it and forget-it way to bring fresh greens into your home.

Indoor Garden Kit Choices – Final Thoughts

Indoor gardening has never been easier.

No matter how much space you have or how much natural sunlight you have at home, you can try indoor gardening. Anyone can start growing herbs or veggies easily with one of these 7 indoor garden kits.

It’s understandable when starting a new project or when you are new to indoor gardening that you may be a little nervous about starting something.

Don’t let that be the barrier that prevents you from beginning a project that in the long run, can save you money and cut your grocery costs significantly.

Growing up on a farm gave me and my family some huge advantages. One of them was learning to grow our own food. Apart from acres and acres of crops, we had a magnificent fruit and vegetable garden plus, we canned our own food. I’m hoping to pass on some of this expertise and experience to you.

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