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Which Home Mushroom Growing Kit Should You Choose?

Home Mushroom Growing Kit

A home mushroom growing kit solves two problems. It will help you cut down on the cost of buying mushrooms.

And it will provide you with a constant supply of mushrooms when they are in short supply.

Right now, mushrooms are on everyone’s dinner recipe list.

Not only do they taste great, but the mental and physical benefits they can provide are almost endless.

Yes, the mushroom has been around forever. We’ve seen them growing wild in the middle of winter and not thought much about them.

But that was then. This is now.

The Home Mushroom Growing Kit

The home mushroom growing kit can come in a variety of sizes and at different prices. I recommend you keep it pretty simple.

I simply don’t want to overwhelm you with a list of ten or more to choose from right now, especially if you are new to growing your own mushrooms.

So I’ve come up with three great home mushroom growing kits you can test and start your own mushroom supply with.

Mushroom growing kits should be uncomplicated when you shop for them. If you have a big list of instructions on how to use one then run!

The truth is, a kit will virtually be ready to use right out of the box. They require little space and very little light. You’ve heard the expression “being kept in the dark like a mushroom” right?

There’s a reason for that. Shiitakes and Oyster varieties are highly recommended for those of you who are venturing into your first mushroom growing projects. Here’s a list of three kits to consider.

Kit #1 – Back to the Roots Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

When I first saw the Back to the Roots kit I thought…“what!”

Total lesson in growing simplicity and it doesn’t get much easier than this. Better still, this kit will have you growing mushrooms all year round.

How many can you eat? Be careful not to go overboard and you’ll need to share these with family and friends.

The Back to the Roots system comes with a wide variety of benefits. Here’s a few:

  • It’s one hundred percent organic and non GMO.
  • It’s extremely easy to use right out of the box.
  • Will provide delicious mushrooms all year round.
  • Great customer service. If you’re not happy just return it for a replacement.

Toxins in foods you purchase from the supermarket are a big concern today. When you grow your own you know exactly what you put into them.

That’s a huge advantage when you grown your own mushrooms at home. For it’s sheer simplicity, the Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit is a highly recommended product.

Kit #2 – Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit

The Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit is one of our favorite mushroom growing kits. For starters, it works right out of the box.

It’s appearance is such that it will create a lot of interest from the rest of the family, not to mention friends and neighbors. It is based on providing mushrooms with a natural environment to thrive in and at the same time, provide you with delicious produce when they’re ready to consume.

Shiitake mushrooms are just about on everyone’s favorite eating list. With this kit, you’ll be growing them year round. Again, how many can you eat or give away?

Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake Mushrooms growing on a log

The benefits, like the Back to the Roots system, are numerous. Here are a few:

  • They work right out of the box. As soon as you receive it, you can start growing your mushrooms.
  • This kit comes with everything you need including a simple set of instructions and tools to get your log sprouting new mushrooms within no time.
  • If you don’t want to use it right away you can store it in the refrigerator for several days.

I almost listed the Shiitake Mushroom Growing Kit as the first preference simply because it’s a great way to learn or get a feel for growing mushrooms.

Not that growing mushrooms is difficult but for newbies in particular, doing something new can always be intimidating. This kit takes the intimidation factor away.

Kit #3 – Enoki Mushroom Kit

The Enoki Mushroom Kit makes my short list of three because of the popularity of this produce in soups and salads. People love them.

And their mental and physical benefits can be positive. Enoki mushrooms may look hard to grown but the truth is, they are one of the easiest mushroom varieties to grow at home. The benefits? There are several. Here’s a few.

They are extremely cost-effective to grow at home compared to purchasing them from the grocery store.

The kit will provide you with more than enough Enoki mushrooms for your own use.

This is a great kit to learn the art of growing and understanding mushrooms.

Growing Enoki mushrooms at home provides a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids skills and the importance of growing your own food from home.

Final Thoughts

If you are a complete beginner to growing mushrooms then we recommend the Back to the Roots system. It’s so easy to use.

Use the Shiitake system next and then the Enoki product.

There is always a learning curve with anything new you try but these mushroom kits will take away the frustration.

Mushrooms are really the “flavor of the month” at the moment. It’s not surprising given the mental and physical benefits they can provide.

Growing your own mushrooms makes sense now especially when the home mushroom growing kits available are so inexpensive and easy to use. Home growing food kits are getting better every day.

JD Dean

Growing up on a farm gave me and my family some huge advantages. One of them was learning to grow our own food. Apart from acres and acres of crops, we had a magnificent fruit and vegetable garden plus, we canned our own food. I’m hoping to pass on some of this expertise and experience to you.

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